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         Overarching Question(s)
How does our community use various modes of transportation to meet our needs (e.g. food, clothing, emergencies)? 

Miss Michelle
Miss Serena
Miss Tatyana 
Miss Krystle 
Enduring Understandings

These are the big ideas that students should remember throughout their educational careers.We use different modes of transportation depending on what we’re moving, how far it needs to go, and how fast it needs to get there

Vehicles are a common mode of transportation. Some examples of vehicles include trucks, trains, planes, carts, and boats. o Vehicles can be different sizes and colors and serve different purposes (e.g. planes are very large and used to transport materials or people across long distances, carts are small and used to transport materials over a short distance). 

Some vehicles have engines and use motors to move (e.g. planes, trains, cars), and some vehicles are moved by people (e.g. carts, carriages). o Vehicles move across different settings – planes fly in the air, cars drive on the road, boats move through 
the water, trains move on their tracks.